The Ron Abney Educational Fund greatly appreciates the following gifts made in honor or memory of special people. Please see our Donations page if you would like to have someone added to this list.

  • From Jimmie B. Roland in memory of my late husband George Roland
  • Margaret and Billy Mitchell in honor of our niece Lee Darter
  • Philip K. Robb, M.D. in honor of Ron Abney (we miss you!)
  • Paul Grove in honor of Mary Marselis
  • Lurita Adams in honor of Evan Adams
  • Donation in memory of Ron Abney from Malton and Wrella Purser
  • Donation in memory of Ron Abney by Anna Holder, 2013/2014 school year
  • Dr. Franz and Neddie Eitel in loving memory of Ron Abney
  • Jack Abney in memory of Bessie Rogers Abney
  • Caroline in honor of Dul Srey Touch
  • Jack Abney in Honor of Bessie Rogers Abney
  • The Lydia Sunday School Class in honor of Sara Abney
  • From Tom and Bev Paul in honor of Nick Paul and Loren Jones, who volunteered briefly at the (Takeo) orphanage, but were deeply touched by the kids and the experience!


Caroline's lemonade standCaroline's Lemonade stand was a huge success. We at the Ron Abney Educational Fund cannot thank her enough for all her support and hard work, even in the rain!! Caroline raised money for her pen pal, Dul Srey Touch. This wonderful 6th grader from a very small town in Georgia has paid the college fees for Touch in Cambodia for the last 2 years!! Caroline has also won a college savings bond for herself from Kohls Department store for her hard work. We are all so very proud of her. Read about her inspiring story in this news article.